Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Bare with me

I've never blogged before but it seems like every other writer in the world does. So here it goes.
I will use this blog to keep people updated as to what I'm doing at the moment (ha, as if any of you care)
I'm in the process of writing a graphic novel for insomnia publications (find it here called dead goats. The description my editor Nic gives of the book in the previous link is much better than i could ever do so i'm not going to attempt it.
I'm also going to be in the Insomnia publications Layer Zero anthology with my story Uberleden featuring the great art of Mike Dowling (check out his stuff here
I'm also submitting a story to Robert Heske's 2012 end of the world anthology with artist Andy Fish. Heres a sample page.

This is the very first thing i've ever written drawn so to me its pretty cool.
Anyway thats the end of my first blog. hope it went well